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Filtraton Dust Mask with Filter KN95 Breathing Face Mask for Dust Polen Replaceable Activated Carbon Filters + Valve

  • 🔰 【ULTRA CARBON PROTECTION】 Designed with advanced Nanotechnology and innovative filter technology for protection and comfort needs, the Filtraton Dust Mask is equipped with a 5 layers carbon filter that can prevent exhaust gas, dust, ash, pollen, harmful microparticles and smoke.
  • 🏆 【ERGONOMIC DESIGN & COMFORT】 Filtraton creates a high sense of security from the first use. Mask design with adjustable neck strap is designed to fit most face shapes!.
  • 🥇 【DUST MASK WITH 5 LAYER FILTERS】QallExpress FiltFive-X KN95 has a five-layer structure. Built-in Activated Carbon Filter Effectively Filters 98.8% of Smoke, Contaminations, Dust, Microparticles and Pollen.
  • 🥈 【WASHABLE & REUSABLE】The recommended total mask usage time of a filter is 27 hours. (For example, someone who wears a mask between 5 and 6 hours a day should change the filter at the end of the 5th day) Filtraton mask is suitable for hand washing and machine washing.
  • 🥉 【COMFORTABLE BREATH WITH DUST FACE MASK】 Discover now the experience of breathing with a mask that is not possible with disposable masks!

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Detailed Thread Stitch

Extremely Fine Touch, Braided Mesh Thanks to External Factors Compared to the Previous Model 27% More Durable Against Construction.

Dust mask with Flexible Neck Strap

The closed AXR system helps to keep the dust mask in place without slipping off your face while reducing pressure and pain in your nose and ears.

Washable & Reusable

The activated carbon filter can be replaced after use and filtration dust face mask shell and valves can be removed for handwashing when dirty.

morning night


Soft Ear Loop

Filtraton dust mask is equipped for long-term use with soft universal-sized elastic ear loops designed to be worn for hours without hurting or irritating the ears.

Mask for working

Dust Mask Comes With Adjustable Nose Clip

Thanks to the adjustment function, you can easily adjust the degree to suit your nose without irritation. The shapeable clip fits snugly around your face, increasing comfort and safety. Prevents vapors in glasses

colorful masks

Hexagon Mesh Construction

It provides higher respiratory performance for ventilation than standard single masks, as it allows maximum ventilation to your skin by holding the filter and relief valves. Filtraton dust mask design will not hug the skin too closely, leaving enough room for ease of breathing and long-term use.

anti dust polen bacteria

Wash and Re-Use

Filtraton dust mask itself and its valves can be washed when they become dirty. Can change the FiltFive-X filters by changing

Butterfly Relief Valves

Double one-way breathing valves allow heat and carbon dioxide to be easily released. allows you to breathe smoothly by allowing it to come out Does not heat up, due to less oxygen compared to standard masks It does not cause headache and fatigue.

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Carbont Black, Dark Gray, Light Blue, Fantom Red, Turqoise, Rot Yellow, Pots Purple, Zot Pink, Tiger G-ROR, Pensc E-Red, Bearon T-BW

Filtraton High Protection Activated Carbon Filter Adjustable Face Mask for Dust


✔ Mesh Mask Structure is a mesh nylon design with excellent permeability. It provides maximum ventilation to your skin, suitable for all weather conditions, especially in hot climate weather!
✔ Adjustable nose clip helps prevent glasses fogging and 360 degree sealing.
✔ Dual one-way exhalation valves can help release hot and humid air.
✔ The knit dust mask is easy to wash when it gets dirty. The KN95 filter is replaceable.
✔Ear strap design can prevent slipping. Adjustable strap is suitable for most head sizes.
✔Hexagonal spiral mesh structure is used, which is not easy to tear or deform.


Put the filtraton mask between the nose and chin.
Pull each strap over your ear. Adjust the straps as comfortably as possible.
Adjust the nose piece to the bridge of the nose to ensure a good seal, if you have a large nose, widen the nose clip to avoid irritation.
Check for fit: cover your face with your hands, then breathe hard and feel for airflow. The butterflies inside the Breathing Valves will open and close.
The maximum usage time of a mask filter is 27 hours in total. Replace with a new one after use. The life expectancy of the FilterFive-X filter depends on many variables;

Particle exposure intensity
Particle exposure time
User respiratory rate
Do not remove the mask for full protection when high breathing is required, perform mouth breathing.

After adjusting the neck strap according to your head size, press firmly on both sides of the strap.

It is suitable for hand wash and machine wash at low temperature. flush breathing valves with hot water and rinse thoroughly.

✅ Premium Nilong coating with excellent permeability, soft texture, quick drying, breathable and comfortable to wear

✅ All your breath is passed through multiple layers of filters that provide you with the cleanest air possible. Filtfive-X is made with carbon and other layers that seal the air that you can breathe clean air without any leakage.

✅ This military grade KN95 = N95 Activated Carbon Face Mask recommended by the World Health Organization is an effective and reliable protection against the new (COV-ID 19) disease. It helps you breathe clean air and block micro particles.


1) Turn the Breathing Valves Towards “OPEN” and Separate the Valves from the Mask.
2) Take Out the Old Filter And Set The New Filter In Place To Fit It.
3) Replace Back Covers of Valves Then Turn Front Valves Clockwise.

Filtraton Dust Face Mask Package Contents:
● 1 Piece Filtraton
● 2 Valves
● 2 Pieces of Activated Carbon Filters

Note: It is not a medical device or equipment.

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